31 Jul 2017
helping someone with mental illness

Helping someone, a loved one, friend or stranger with mental illness can be challenging. Often the world turns their back and there is no one left to turn to, but how sad. The time they NEED someone most, you can step in and be that lifeline. Expect nothing in…

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18 Jul 2017
How long does klonopin last

How Long Does Klonopin Last?

How Long Does Klonopin Last? Klonopin®, or clonazepam, is a benzodiazepine medication prescribed for anxiety disorders and seizures. However, it’s become increasingly popular as a recreational drug. The National Survey for Drug Use and Health found in 2013 that about two million people in the United States tried a…

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17 Jul 2017
Letting Go of Worry and Fear

Worry is one of those things we all face, often on a regular basis. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, just over 18* of American adults experience an anxiety disorder in a given year. It arises in many forms. We worry about work, what other people are…

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