23 Feb 2018

An ache is a body’s gesture that something is erroneous, being overused or out of stability. If there is rawness and bump present and the tender area is warmer than the close area, GO TO A MEDIC! You may have a poison or blood clot that needs instantaneous courtesy….

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14 Feb 2018

Can Marijuana be Addictive?

Cannabis or marijuana has always been quite popular as a recreational drug regardless of age, region or people. It is a psychoactive drug mostly used for recreational and medical purposes. It has even been and still being used for spiritual or even in religious purposes. The Rastafarians are known…

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01 Feb 2018
Virgin Islands

Going on vacation is a wonderful way to relax, take care of ourselves, and have some fun. We have the opportunity to chill out, give the nervous system a rest, and get a break from everyday life and commitments. Whether we’re going on a catamaran in the British Virgin…

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