15 Jun 2017
Reasons to Get Help in Recovery

5 Reasons to Seek Help for Addiction

In 2014, 22.5 million people over the age of 12 sought treatment for addiction issues according to SAMSHA. Of these over 11% received care in a facility that specializes in addiction treatment.  This is with good reason, many people fare better when they are able to recover in the safe environment afforded by an addiction treatment facility. Below we have compiled a list of the reasons why it can be beneficial to get help for addiction in an inpatient setting.

1. Removing Yourself From a Negative Environment

Environment can play a huge role in addiction. One study found that for adolescents drug use was associated with peer drug use and family instability. This is probably also true for adults. When someone is surrounded by other people who use drugs or drink alcohol frequently they are probably more likely to pick up those same behaviors. Additionally family or social instability can increase stress which might increase drug use.

A great reason to get help for addiction is because it allows someone the ability to get away from their “using” environment, even for a brief while. Taking someone out of this negative environment and into one that has less every day stress can help them change behavior patterns.

Of course, eventually we have to return to life and deal with the stress of daily life. This is why a step down program is so helpful. Step down programs allow people to re-enter their lives in a way that is slow and supportive.

2. It Can Be Dangerous to Stop Using on Your Own

When we say it can be dangerous to stop using on your own, we mean it. Somewhere between 5 and 25 percent of people with delirium tremens die from alcohol withdrawal, according to data from the NIH. For people with advanced alcoholism it is very important to seek help if they want to stop. Treatment facilities are able to provide medical help when necessary so that people who might be at risk are kept safe during the detox process.

Of course death happens in severe cases, but there are other dangers of withdrawing as well. Withdrawal from heroin or benzodiazepines can cause seizures. If untreated these can be dangerous and lead to brain damage or other complications.

Finally it can be dangerous for someone to detox on their own because it can be incredibly uncomfortable. For some people in this situation they become hopeless and end up using with the withdrawal is so bad or harming themselves to try to make the pain go away.

social support3. Social Support Helps

Research has shown that people who have social support in recovery have lower rates of relapse than those who do not. Getting help often means building a community of healthy and stable people. Inpatient facilities as well as recovery programs stress the importance of spending time with people who are supportive of recovery.

Getting social support for addiction can come in a number of different ways. It might mean attending a therapy group, building relationships with other people at a treatment center, or going to some kind of recovery meeting. Getting help in this way and connecting with others can make your more likely to maintain long-term recovery.

4. Getting Targeted Treatment

When you get help for addiction from experienced treatment professionals, you are receiving quality and targeted care. If you try to get sober on your own it is likely you will not be able to provide yourself with the same level of care that an experienced professional would.

One great example is people coping with co-occurring disorders. For these people in particular it is important to get help not only for the addiction issue but also for the co-occurring mental health issue. Receiving this type of target treatment can help the healing process and allow someone to deal with issues that might otherwise contribute to relapse.

5. Living a Fuller Life

Possibly the best reason for getting help for addiction is to live a fuller life. Aside from just avoiding relapse it is important to remember the gifts that sobriety has to offer. Receiving help for addiction can allow you to tap into these incredible gifts.

There are many services that addiction treatment centers offer that focus around helping someone live a fuller life. Working with a therapist might allow you to process old trauma and form a healthier relationship with the self. Yoga can be a great way to improve someone’s relationship with their body. Meditation can help improve focus and concentration. We could go on and on. All of these services are offered to try to give the client the best chance at recovery and a happy life.

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