05 Jun 2017
Balancing Effort and Relaxation

Balancing Effort and Relaxing

We have the benefit of working with people who are seeking to grow and move forward. As we help people take steps toward their goals, we see many people struggling to balance their lives. It’s a continual dance for many of us. Are we working too hard? Should we work harder? There simply is not a simple and clear answer. What we can do is look for ourselves and be open to changing how we do things so that we can both be productive and take care of ourselves.

Too Much Effort

We work with a lot of people who are hoping to become a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). This often means working in human resources for some time, taking a certification test, and applying for a new job or promotion. As I’m sure you can imagine, this can be quite stressful. It is pretty easy to put too much effort forth and stress ourselves out. Unfortunately, we see it all the time. People take our PHR practice test, take our online course, and obsess.

When we put too much effort forth, we burn out. Regardless of our personal lives, we all have other commitments. Maybe it’s to our families, health, or self-care. Overexerting ourselves is not sustainable. Although we may have periods in which we need to push through and get stuff done, we can’t do it forever. Studying is great, and we have to prepare ourselves to move forward, but we get tired quickly if we don’t make an effort to relax. Signs you may be putting too much effort forth include neglecting family, health, or exercise, finding yourself consistently stressed or tired, and becoming preoccupied with our work or goals. We can have a healthy drive without turning our lives upside-down.

Too Much Relaxation

On the flip side of the coin we can fall into too much relaxation, maybe even laziness. We run out of energy, get overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, or just lack motivation. We all benefit from relaxing and taking care of ourselves, but we also benefit from building esteem through acting. Maybe we have a goal but don’t know what to do to get there. Sometimes we don’t really have a goal and find ourselves just living without a purpose. Whatever the case may be, over-relaxing can get old quickly.

We may find ourselves caught in a loop, not really knowing what the next step to take is. Taking care of ourselves means doing something. Although relaxation is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it isn’t healthy without the work or effort piece of the puzzle. When we grow sedentary, emotionally or physically, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to build esteem.

The Balance

Balance is one of those things we search for but can be difficult to find. There is not one magical formula that works for everyone. We have to really investigate what feels healthy for us. You can remember that there are many parts of life, and you have many priorities. Don’t get so locked in on one that you lose sight of the others. Also, remember that taking time to relax will help you be more productive. When you’re productive, relaxation feels much better! They feed each other and are really essential to function.

One thing you can try is making a calendar. You don’t want to create stress with too much structure, but it may be helpful to actually plan out time for both work and relaxation. I do this with my own calendar and have found it to be helpful. I set time for work, and put it in my calendar to take breaks and relax. As I work for myself, I have to set the intention to step away from the job at a certain time. I also set a time to get to work and be productive.

What makes this even more difficult is that what works for us in one moment may not work for us in another moment! Remain open to new possibilities and change. There may be periods where you have to work harder, and this may call for an increase in relaxation afterward. You may be returning from vacation and need to put a little extra effort forth to catch up. Be open to change and remember that this is a continual dance we work with for most of our lives!

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