14 Feb 2018

Can Marijuana be Addictive?

Cannabis or marijuana has always been quite popular as a recreational drug regardless of age, region or people. It is a psychoactive drug mostly used for recreational and medical purposes. It has even been and still being used for spiritual or even in religious purposes. The Rastafarians are known to smoke marijuana as a part of their belief system. In fact, so many people have been smoking cannabis; it is now believed to be the most popular drug throughout the whole world. Despite its popularity, it has always been subject to restrictions and bans. It is banned in the most of the countries of the world and illegal possession and intake of it can be subject to legal actions.

As One Mind Dharma shares in their post about meditating while high,  marijuana can cause a dull mind. However, many people smoke cannabis to do anything and everything, using it all day before any activity.

Now coming to the reason behind its popularity. Cannabis is mostly smoked like a cigarette and the smoke is inhaled. It gives an instant sense of pleasure and happiness. The psychological effect is immense and the state of ‘high’ as people like to call it gives and enhanced perception of existence which include euphoria, relaxation and a temporary sense of satisfaction. Even the perception of space and time might get distorted within the head and lead to a mild hallucination which usually have a pleasurable effect. In some cases, people tend to smoke cannabis in order to take the edge off to relax and forget about real life problems. Which is sort of similar to the act of alcoholism. Cannabis gives some fruitful results, as it is also used in some medical cases. It helps calm down severe spasms, chronic pain. It also helps increase appetite in people suffering from HIV/AIDS. It is also used to help chemo patients stop vomiting. In some cases, doctors suggest cannabis to calm down autistic patients. Now if we deal with our most important question immediately, as in is Marijuana addictive or not? The most straightforward answer is yes. There is a heavy support on the side of marijuana users and they will want to sweep this under the rug, but the issue has to be tackled. It is unlikely to come up in any news or even in any portals because of the popularity but let’s call a spade a spade. Marijuana is indeed addictive. As studies have shown, there is a chance of one in an eleven of marijuana users will get addicted to it. If the user starts off from the teen age, there is a much heavier chance of the individual to get dependent on it.

  • According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2010around 360,000 people were admitted to treatment for addiction. Where marijuana was listed as the primary drug they abused. The victims went into rehab mostly because of marijuana related issues.
  • 28% of these victims were teens and aged between 16 to 21.

Marijuana also can have some pretty nasty withdrawal which includes loss of appetite, depression, insomnia, anxiety, nightmares, anger, mood swings and loss of sense of perception. Marijuana might not have such severe addicting effect as other drugs but it is not that simple after all.

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