14 Feb 2018

Can Marijuana be Addictive?

Cannabis or marijuana has always been quite popular as a recreational drug regardless of age, region or people. It is a psychoactive drug mostly used for recreational and medical purposes. It has even been and still being used for spiritual or even in religious purposes. The Rastafarians are known…

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29 Nov 2017
Helping an Addict who Doesnt want help

Enablers can be found in all aspects of our lives. Described as a person that supports, but does not encourage, a particular detrimental habit by someone else, enablers often do not realize they are enabling someone to behave the way they do, or they simply do not know how…

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14 Nov 2017
marijuana panic attack

Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused illicit substances. Many people use it recreationally without problem, but some people experience problems. Some people become addicted, while others have adverse reactions. The marijuana panic attack is a common side effect of smoking pot that many people experience. With over…

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14 Nov 2017
what is wilderness therapy

Wilderness therapy, or wilderness treatment, is a form of therapy often focused on adolescents. It was popular in the past few decades, although recent trends have been away from wilderness programs and more toward residential treatment options. I myself went to wilderness when I was young, and had an…

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03 Oct 2017
self care in recovery

Taking Care of Ourselves in Recovery When people get sober or are recovering from a mental health disorder they may attend twelve-step meetings, support groups, or psychotherapy. Although these things are incredibly useful to many, it may be beneficial to add in other ways we can take care of…

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19 Sep 2017
Problematic Group Dynamics

5 Problematic Group Dynamics

Many of us know the experience of being in a group of people where some kind of problematic dynamic arises. In some cases it might feel like everyone starts agreeing just to get out of the meeting quickly and other times it feels like the group cannot agree on…

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16 Sep 2017
Alcohol Effects on Health

How Alcohol Impacts Our Health

There has been a lot of research about the health effects of drinking alcohol. We see it on social media and popular blogs quite a bit. One study shows a drink a day is good for the heart, and another pops up that finds alcohol increases risk of heart…

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15 Aug 2017
Drug Addiction Intervention

From drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling, bulimia, anorexia, and other addictions, the television show Intervention tackles them all. Some have criticized this show for being too candid and showing too much detail of the addicts daily lives. The producers and camera crew follow the people with their various addictions through…

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06 Aug 2017
How Addictive is Meth?

How Addictive is Meth? Methamphetamine was invented almost 100 years ago in Japan. Used to help keep soldiers alert during the Second World War, meth became popular as a recreational drug in Japan in the 50’s. The 1950’s saw methamphetamine use rise in the US, as it was prescribed…

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18 Jul 2017
How long does klonopin last

How Long Does Klonopin Last?

How Long Does Klonopin Last? Klonopin®, or clonazepam, is a benzodiazepine medication prescribed for anxiety disorders and seizures. However, it’s become increasingly popular as a recreational drug. The National Survey for Drug Use and Health found in 2013 that about two million people in the United States tried a…

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