13 Feb 2019

My Healthy Travels to Mexico

I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to the Riviera Maya area of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Although I don’t travel very often, I do find that travel is often a time where I lose my health routine. Through visiting the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam and Chichen Itza, swimming in beautiful freshwater cenotes, and eating delicious local food, I was able to really find a way to stay balanced.

Being Active

One of the biggest things I often let go of on vacations is activity. I sit in front of a pool, on a beach, or in front of a television when I have time off work. For me, staying healthy while on vacation means I absolutely have to stay active.

Although we spent some time sitting and relaxing on the beaches of Tulum and Playa del Carmen, I made an effort not to be completely lazy. Even on the beach afternoons, I tried to mix in some swimming, playing volleyball, or even taking a walk down the beach.

What happens if I stay inactive too long is that I get into a funk. It makes it harder to make a change and be more active, and it begins to weigh on my mind and body. Even though relaxation is important (more on this in a moment), I know I need to keep moving and keep the body healthy.

For our excursions and activities, we picked active things. Instead of a spa vacation, we spent time ziplining, swimming in cenotes, hiking up ruins, and doing things that generally requires some physical exercise. You too can choose your vacations like this, making health a priority. We can have fun and enjoy our vacations while taking care of our bodies!

sailboat on the ocean

Eating Healthy in Mexico

There’s a ton of great food in the Yucatan. And oh boy, do I love food. However, I also know the value of eating well in recovery and for people in general. I don’t personally believe that a restrictive diet is healthy for me, as I grow obsessed and stressed. Instead, I really make an effort to eat in a way that makes my mind and body feel healthy.

In Mexico, there’s a lot of different kinds of food. The good news is that the traditional Mexican food here is a lot healthier than it is in the United States. It’s not tex-mex. The food is relatively fresh, full of greens, and without as much cheese as I expected.

One key to eating healthy on vacation for me is to not snack. Since we eat out a lot on vacation, it’s important for me to not snack in between meals. Meals are generally larger than they are back home, due to the fact that we were eating at stands and in restaurants. Because of this, I really made an effort to eat less between meals.

Finding Personal Time and Space

Finally, and this is just a short tip based on my experience, we need to find time to ourselves. Often, we’re traveling with others, and that may not be what we’re used to. Bring a book or headphones. Find a quiet place. Whatever you do, be sure to take some time out to relax by yourself for a few minutes every day.

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