15 Aug 2017
Drug Addiction Intervention

Reality Show Intervention Shows the Addicts Daily Lives and Recovery Steps

From drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling, bulimia, anorexia, and other addictions, the television show Intervention tackles them all.

Some have criticized this show for being too candid and showing too much detail of the addicts daily lives. The producers and camera crew follow the people with their various addictions through a typical days routine. From heroin withdrawal to attending meetings, Intervention shows it all.

The addicts on Intervention do not know that they will face an intervention at the end of the show. They think that they are going to be on a documentary about addiction. This make the addicts very open about how they live, they let the cameras film them doing anything from shooting up, to snorting, and smoking crack and meth. If the sight of someone gouging their arm with a needle trying to get a vain to shoot drugs does not show the world how serious of a problem we have with drugs I don’t know what would. Let’s not forget the alcoholic that would resort to drinking mouthwash to get drunk.

The camera rolls as these addicts got to extremes to get what they need. We watch women and men prostitute themselves, steal from loved ones, they will go so far as to steal from sick older relatives, beg, borrow, whatever it takes.

I do not want to forget people with other addictions besides drugs and alcohol that the show sometimes features. They also very often have anorexic and bulimic people featured. The camera shows what they usually work so hard to hide. The rituals around their food habits when they do eat, the struggles to starve themselves and keep it a secret. Even the binging followed by purging with the shower running so no one can hear.

Through all of this the friends and family members tell of all the pain and sorrow they are going through while watching their loved ones destroy themselves. Often they have become enablers even if they don’t realize it.

Getting Sober from HeroinThey are then asked at the pre-intervention what consequences they are prepared to give the addicts. The interventionist advises them to basically tell their loved one that they will cut them out of their lives if they do not accept the help that is offered them. They tell them that they will no longer help them financially and often they will be asked to move out if they live with one of them.

Finally the day of the intervention comes. The addict thinks they are going to their final interview. They walk into a room and realize that all of their friends and family are there. Tearful letters are read, concerns, fears, consequences, and more all told.

Some of the addicts react angrily, others ashamed, and some grateful. Usually they do agree to take the free treatment offered to them, even if it does take some amount of argument and pleading. They are on a plane that same day and hopefully on their way to better lives.

You see him or her entering the treatment center. And then you get to see the follow up. If the person has not been successful or left the program early , you will find out how they are doing, where they are now in their lives, and if or how bad they fell back into their old ways.

If on the other hand the person has gotten clean and sober you will get to see what their new lives are like. It is an almost miraculous change. Their behavior and their appearance take a drastic change, and you get the chance to see how these addictions ravage the body. Sometimes it is like looking at a totally different person.

Overall the reality television show Intervention seems like a great thing. Not only does it offer some people the last chance for life that they might not have received otherwise, it also shows parents and other loved ones what to look for as far as signs that someone may have and addiction or is beginning to dabble with something that could lead to big trouble. It shows addicts that there is hope out there and not to give up. It can also give hope to their loved ones that they may someday get the person they knew back. And lastly and certainly not least, I hope this show deters anyone who watches from putting themselves into a situation where the might get drawn into these deadly lifestyles.

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