01 Feb 2018
Virgin Islands

Staying Healthy in Vacation Mode

Going on vacation is a wonderful way to relax, take care of ourselves, and have some fun. We have the opportunity to chill out, give the nervous system a rest, and get a break from everyday life and commitments. Whether we’re going on a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands, a camping trip to the national park, or to our family’s house for the holidays, vacations can also bring some disruption in our normal routine of taking care of ourselves. Here are three areas we can give some attention while on vacation in order to continue caring for our health and wellbeing.

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Eating Healthy

Eating well on the go can be tough, but we can do it! People try different things, and we have to investigate for ourselves what works while on vacation. One thing you can try is planning your meals ahead of time. Sometimes, vacation brings some unknowns. However, we can try to eat at specific times, know where we’re going to eat, and plan what we’re going to eat. Rather than eating whatever unhealthy food is put in front of us, we can make some effort to actually plan what we’re putting into our bodies. We don’t need to obsess, but we can give it some attention.

Something else we can do to eat healthy on vacation is focus on the positive things we can do for ourselves. Make extra effort to drink water, eat vegetables, and find healthy choices to make. Rather than focusing on what we need to avoid, focus on what you can do to be proactive. Fill your body with healthy foods and water, as this will help curb the cravings or urges to eat unhealthy foods that we so often encounter while traveling on vacation!

Keeping on the Move

Exercise can greatly help our mental health, as has been proven by decades of research. We don’t need to do anything too dramatic, and we may have to give up our expectations of what a workout should look like. There are many ways to workout on vacation; we just need to be flexible and willing to investigate different ways to move. If we can find simple ways to take care of our bodies like this, it can make the return easier and give us a much-needed stress-reliever while traveling!

If you’re looking for some cardio, you can always go for a run or walk where you are. If it’s too cold outside or the weather doesn’t allow it, you can do some workouts inside to get the heart pumping. If you’re accustomed to lifting weights, you can try bringing some resistance bands with you! These are a wonderful, portable way to get a good workout on the go. Versatility is key on vacation, and resistance bands allow you to try new workouts and use the whole body.


Finally, we need to take care of ourselves spiritually or psychologically. Maintaining a spiritual practice while traveling can be hard. We have the purest intentions, and wish to practice, but we just forget to in the chaos of traveling. However, a break in our normal practice can be quite difficult and cause some stress. Furthermore, practicing while on vacation can be a beautiful experience.

You can try keeping a journal, setting reminders, or even bringing your meditation cushion with you. Really dedicate out the time to practice. Wake up a few minutes early, find a quiet place, and be with yourself. By making the effort to find time to be alone, we can continue our practice while on vacation. We can also use online tools to meet with people online to discuss our spiritual practice. A text or email buddy is always a great way to stay connected!

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