14 Jan 2019

Ways to Improve Your Photography

Getting started with photography is hard. You have a phone, or maybe a DSLR camera. However, it isn’t as simple as just snapping a cool moment. Before we get into our tips for improving, we want to offer one important recommendation: get out and shoot. Just go for it. If you need photo inspiration, try a photography challenge. There’s a weekly photo challenge from Nomad Photography Network that we highly recommend.

1. Connect with Other Photographers

This may not seem like the easiest thing to do, but see if you can find somebody else to connect with over photography. See if you have any friends interested in learning to be a photographer. Go out shooting together and compare images.

You can also find support in online communities, like this one from the aforementioned Nomad Photography Network. Share photos, challenge each other, and see what others are doing. Working with others has been one of the most useful things in my own photography, and I highly recommend seeing if you can connect with someone or some people.

2. Find New Subjects

We all have comfort zones. Try to get out of your comfort zone with your photography and find new styles. If you like to take portraits, try taking some landscapes. If macro photography is your thing, try finding some architecture or street shots that you can fall in love with.

There’s nothing wrong with having a set style and “voice” with your photography. But pushing ourselves to try new things can open a whole new world to us. See if there are different ways to view the world, and remember open-mindedness is key.

3. Spend Some Time Editing

Photography isn’t just about the photos you take. What you do with the photos can be equally as important. Whether you’re using a professional photography editor like Lightroom or Photoshop, or just your free editing software on your phone, spend some time tweaking your photos.

By spending more time with your photos, you can re-investigate the ones you’ve taken. Try new crops, new colors, new tones, and even black and white shots. Investigate fully and see where it gets you!

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